Urban/Eco Research Center

The Interdepartmental Research Center Urban/Eco was founded and activated on 1 January 1998.
On february 7th, 2014 Urban/Eco had been reconfirmed with D.R. n.318, in accordance with art. 33 and 53 of the new Statute of University of Naples FEDERICO II.

The program of the Center is to promote a broad and extensive knowledge and work experience methods of optimizing existing resources, so as to achieve a fruitful relationship between basic research and applied research, in areas such as documentation and history, retraining and restoration, economic policy and economic development, legislation and regulation, with goals and outcomes between multidisciplinary closely interconnected.  

To inspire the Interdepartmental Research Center URBAN/ECO knowledge of spatiality and the search for its redevelopment are intimately linked. It is this inclination that allows for precisely the encounter between different disciplines.The urban structures are considered as the product of housing and economic needs of the past, but at the same time, their actual use it can be occured in the light of present needs. So the intent of the Center is to identify ways of thinking, approaches and strategies to act consciously on that evolutionary process in order to strengthen respectively economic development and regeneration architectural, urban and environmental .
While maintaining each its own disciplinary field, teachers of the Center bring their contribute in economic and urban studies, their propensity for direct survey and its intention to study in depth the possibility of improving the human condition to which they refer.

In particular, they identify in a relationship between environmental, urban and architectural and economic system, focusing in particular on the cultural, tourist and craft of the condition and southern regions of Italy. They claim that the complementarity of this nevralgic area should be studied systematically and transformed into collective lever for progress.

They propose to initiate a trial in a series of studies and initiatives to establish results of experience and projects of intervention.

Therefore, in accordance with the disciplinary interrelationships indicated, the Center divided his research in the analysis of the survey and documentation of the territory; in the maintenance and upgrading of architectural, urban, environmental and various goods of use ; in economic policy, the institutional and economic reality in all its aspects, the directional ability of cities, economic and administrative structures and the large network of small businesses and their connections; in the preservation and development of existing resources in relation to legislation, and all those fields, in other areas of research, that can contribute to goals of the center.


Knowledge of city and land cover on the one hand by the acquisition of data consistency and quality physical and tectonic architecture, on the other hand urban design and environmental analysis of other economic activities present in the same areas and assessment of legislative instruments used for rehabilitation.
The importance of an urban area or neighborhood can not ignore the evaluation of the activities it performs, which often resulted in the building with particular characteristics. 
The formation of cores of settlements and the building over time have, in fact, related production activities and buildings. Hence the need for an Interdepartmental Research Center which can combine the different skills to analyze architecture, archeology, systems of parks, the services for business, etc, at various scales up to the regional perimeter. Such analysis can provide not only inter-finding documents on the formation and evolution of environmental resources and productive, but also the formulation of assumptions underlying space optimization and existing activities. 
The purposes of such interrelation can not ignore the legislative and administrative aspects, which significantly take part in both upgrading housing, both in the economic and social development. From here emerges the potential for a center that sees the presence of architects, economists and jurists.


Urban/Eco is a research center which are affiliated departments of University of Naples FEDERICO II.

It is composed in the following sections: 

Section Architecture and Engineering 

  • Department of Architectural
  • Department of Structures for Engineer and Architecture
  • Department of Chemical, Materials and Industrial Production Engineer
  • Department of Industrial Engineer 
  • Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering 

Section Economy 

  • Department of Economic, Management and Institutions

Section Archeology 

  • Department of Humanistic Studies
  • Department of Chemical Sciences