NO TEARS - Neuronal Opening for Training Emotions in an Adaptable Reality System


The increase of adults with ASD requires the experimentation of new systems to improve support actions for the progressive achievement of personal and social autonomy. 
Studies found in the literature underline how treatment outcomes are influenced by the level of person-environment adaptation and, considering the variability of the manifestations, how the supports should be highly personalized.
Optimizing the person-environment adaptation is, therefore, the first action to be developed in all the support and intervention strategies.
"NO TEARS" is an App that allows you to SIMULATE spaces and situations, SIMPLIFY and CUSTOMIZE the visualization of environments with different levels of complexity and interactivity, thus adapting to users with different levels of intellectual ability.

The most innovative technologies will be used in order to create the NO TEARS App: 

  1. Designing 3D models aimed at producing panoramic images and videos 360° INTERACTIVELY usable with mobile devices smartphones, tablets or VR viewers.
  2. Experimenting ways of visualizing environments with different levels of complexity (games \ abstract \ real) and interactivity (videos \ 360 ° panoramas \ VR \ avatars) according to the different levels of functionality.
  3. experimenting with the use of 360 ° images in order to access videomodeling that simulate the actions that can take place in a given space.



  • Building an open source, user friendly App, to improve the person-environment relationship, ADAPTABLE to the needs of adults with ASD according to their personal sensory sensitivity, aiming at disseminating it in multiple contexts (both in its final or in-progress version) using existing networks , activating the contacts of the partner association and promoting real and virtual meetings with stakeholders (adults with autism, families, therapists, university professors and health professionals).
  • building a CUSTOMIZABLE tool, passing from a generic environment to the specific one for the user.